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Our Community Outreach Program

After years of helping families through house fires and other emergency situations, a group of CCFR firefighters realized many of these families needed help after smoke had settled. To meet this need, The Central County Community Outreach Program was created.

This 501(c)3 non-profit charitable program is funded solely through donations and fund-raising events held outside of work hours.

Through this Community Outreach Program we help our residents in the aftermath of large scale weather related emergencies, like the flooding in early Jan 2016.  We provided the resources and man-power to sandbag, pump-out basements, remove contaminated belongings, etc.  However, our main mission is to provide help to our citizens on an individual basis when there is a need beyond the emergencies our normal job meets: building handicap ramps at private residence, heaters and cold weather clothing for people that have fallen on hard times, food and supplies for individuals that are suddenly homeless due to a fire or just need a little help, contributing to the meals on wheels program. We have managed to make many kids’ holidays a little brighter through family adoptions and by providing a generous amount of holiday gifts via the Youth in Need program.  Additionally we have partnered with the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA) in St. Peters, supplying monetary help, physical space for events, and a helping hand for various needs.

In July 2016 we held our first Mud Volleyball Tournament with great results!  Now we are ramping up for our 2nd annual tournament, hoping to build on last year’s success.   It is a one day tournament, hosting more than 70 teams, playing on 6 courts, with drinks and barbecue helping to attract an estimated crowd of up to a 1000 people.  Proceeds from this tournament will go directly towards helping the Disabled Athlete Sports Association in St. Peters and the continued efforts of our Community Outreach program.

For more information about the Community Outreach program, to make donations, or to make suggestions for programs that could use assistance from the program, email us.